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We provide high-quality criminal defense representation to a broad range of clients throughout California and nationwide. Mr. Lombard’s experience as a public defender in both state and federal court brings experience and know-how of the inner workings of the legal system to every case. Call today.

For two decades, The Law Offices of Matthew J. Lombard have maintained a successful track record in defending individuals facing criminal proceedings.

Mr. Lombard’s client-centered approach has proven effective time and again in resolving both federal and state cases with the best possible outcome for its clients. We are diligent in our efforts to solve today’s most challenging legal issues. Contact us today for a free consultation. Let our commitment to your rights deliver the results you need.

Our Areas of Expertise

Federal Criminal Defense
Business and Financial Crimes
Federal and State Drug Offenses
Civil and Criminal Forfeiture
Tax Fraud
Federal Sentencing
Money Laundering
Internet Crimes

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