DUI / Motor Vehicle Offenses

Motor vehicle offenses can range in severity from minor traffic offenses to more serious crimes. Some types of motor vehicle violations include:  Traffic infractions, driving with a suspended license, joyriding, carjacking, vehicular manslaughter, homicide by using a motor vehicle or driving under the influence (DUI).

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has the authority to suspend or revoke one’s driving privileges for those who commit a motor vehicle crime.

DUI penalties in California for first-time offenses can range from 0-6 months in jail, $1,400-$2,600 in fines and penalties, and up to 10 months of license suspension.

At Lombard Law, we aggressively defend individuals accused of motor vehicle offenses through the use of science and expert testimony.

We strike to keep our clients out of jail, protect their right to drive and help them avoid other damaging consequences. We have helped our clients obtain favorable results through powerful advocacy inside and outside the courtroom.

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